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Easter Egger Fertile Egg (Egg Colour: Cream/Brown)


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Whilst not strictly purebred, the Easter Egger has become a backyard favorite. With its cute looks and vibrant personality.They are known as Easter Eggers because they can lay a wide variety of egg colors, and their plumage can also be various colors.

Generally, in the US, an Easter Egger is a bird that is understood to carry the blue egg laying gene from its parent stock (the Araucana or Ameraucana).

Hardy In Winter: Yes

Broody: Very Broody

Personality: Friendly

Origin: –

Size: –

Purpose: Dual (Eggs & Meat)

Point of lay: 24 Weeks (170 days)

Egg Color: Any

Egg Size: Large

Egg Quantity Annual: 280

*LOW HATCH RATE!!! +-40%

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